Google Sightseeing: Grytviken

Way back in 2010, The Basement Geographer took a look at the abandoned whaling port of Grytviken on South Georgia, the world’s southernmost territorial capital. Now, thanks to the proliferation of Google Maps users uploading ‘photo spheres‘, we can examine parts of the old whaling station close up using Street View. It was natural to revisit Grytviken for this week’s Google Sightseeing article, which you can read here. The number of abandoned buildings and facilities is quite stunning considering how remote the location truly is.

Loyal GSS reader Tammo points out however, that’s it’s impossible to talk about Grytviken without talking about the grave of legendary Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton, who was buried here in 1922 at the request of his widow. Sadly, there was no photo sphere taken at the gravesite and the tomb is too blurry via satellite, so I couldn’t fit it into the article. It deserves mentioning, however, because it is one of the main points of interest at Grytviken.


Source: Lexaxis7, Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported licence.

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