Google Sightseeing: Midway Atoll

For my latest post at Google Sightseeing, we travel to one of the most remote places on Earth visited so far by the Google Street View camera: MIdway Atoll (you can view the article here).  Note that I wrote Midway Atoll, not ‘Midway Island’; there are actually three islands in the atoll.

Picture 1

Sand Island, to the west, is where all of the action is. It’s very much like a company town, only these days it’s not the military running things but the US Fish and Wildlife Service. The military legacy, however, at Midway is huge, as you’ll see when you read the article. Also, birds. Specifically, albatrosses. A stunning three million brids call Midway home, and you’ll see plenty of them in Street View, too!

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