Google Sightseeing: Naked and Nude on Google Maps

Writing for Google Sightseeing over the past year, I’ve learned one thing above all else: people love looking for nudity on Street View. This week, I’ve decided to give GSS readers what they want: an entire article on naked and nude things in Google Maps. Oh, yes. Naked Bakers, Nude Washes; Nude Auto Repair, even Moose Bottoms; all right out in the open in broad daylight. View the toponymic depravity for yourself right here. That is, if you think you can handle so much all at once…

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3 thoughts on “Google Sightseeing: Naked and Nude on Google Maps

  • I live in an interesting area of Pennsylvania, USA. Nearby are the towns of Intercourse, Blue Ball, and the ever popular town of Bird In Hand!

  • If you were to open up a Sexual Toponym Hall of Fame, I'm pretty sure Intercourse, PA goes in the inaugural class on the first ballot next to Climax, SK; Dildo, NL; and Fucking, Austria.

  • I drove through Muff in Ireland. The girl in the car didn't find it nearly as amusing as I did.

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