Google Sightseeing: Roadside Mascots of Manitoba

My latest post for the good folks at Google Sightseeing was probably the most fun I’ve had writing a GSS post so far. Across North America, countless small towns look to draw in tourists off the highway by building something big; a monument to their community that can catch your eye and draw you in off the road (and hopefully get you to spend a little of cash on souvenirs, too). These monuments often take the form of a large, esoteric, funny, or kitschy roadside mascot that stands guard over their town, welcoming you in. Few places have taken this to heart like Manitoba, Canada, where it seems almost every town has a large statue to greet you. Often these are huge community projects, carefully chosen by residents to represent a defining element of their town. Other times, they’re just something fun built on a lark. But they are all distinctive, and hold an important place in the roadside travelling landscape. Join me on a tour of the roadside mascots of Manitoba here.

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