Google Sightseeing: Standing But Not Operating (Abandoned Theme Parks)

‘Standing but not operating’, or SBNO for short, is the term in the amusement industry for theme parks and rides that remain intact but are no longer in use. In my latest article over at Google Sightseeing, you’ll get a glance at some of these downtrodden wonders. For longtime TBG readers, Japanese Disneyland knock-off Nara Dreamland and flooded-by-Hurricane-Katrina Six Flags New Orleans are not new to you, but have you seen the Ghost Town in the Sky? Katoli’s World? Or the one of the most expensive theme park flops of all time, Hard Rock Park? You’ll visit them and more in the article here. Every one of these parks has a background story that would take a lot more than 700 words to explain, and I encourage you all to seek out some of the photos of the various parks that people have posted to Flickr, Panoramio, Wikimedia Commons, and various personal sites. One can easy while away an evening staring into the amazing expanse of abandoned theme park photos on the Internet.

Of course, I should not forget to mention the legendary Action Park, which was one of the very first theme parks covered on this site. Technically, it’s not SBNO any longer since the site has been redeveloped, but the story behind the most infamous amusement park in history should not be missed.

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