Google Sightseeing: The Wide World of Ice Hockey

If you’re a fan of ice hockey (in which case, you simply call it ‘hockey’), then April is when business really starts to pick each year. The Stanley Cup playoffs are just around the corner, and 16 qualifying teams will spend the next two months duking it out for hockey’s holy grail. What better time than now to pen a Google Sightseeing article about it? It’s about we had some more hockey content on the site (your author, by the way, has divided loyalties between the storied Montreal Canadiens and the upstart Winnipeg Jets; the Canadiens clinched their spot in the playoffs today but the Jets are in a tight battle to make it in).

While hockey is the ultimate Canadian sport, it’s rather international in scope these days (many tropical nations are even part of the International Ice Hockey federation), and so the article travels all the way from small-town Ontario to the heat of Dubai and quite a few places in between. Check it out here.

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