Happy New Year from The Basement Geographer!

Happy holidays, everyone; I hope yours was as good as mine! Today marks the end of 2010, and it also marks the 100th post here at The Basement Geographer. When I started this website five months ago, I had no idea it would grow as quickly as it did, and I only have you to thank for that. It’s been a rewarding experience bringing you these articles over the past five months, and I hope you are finding things that pique your interest.

This blog would not have made it where it is already without the support of wonderful blogs and websites who have been kind enough to link to this site. I’m not a user of Facebook or Twitter and I don’t do a lot of promotion other than an occasional webpage comment, so I really only have you kind folks to thank. A lot of those great sites are the very same sites you see linked in the sidebar; I encourage you all to visit them and add them to your feeds or daily websurfing routines if you haven’t already (in which case, what’s wrong with you? 😉 )

When I post an article, all I know is that it’s interesting to me. I really have no idea which ones you’ll find popular or not. Here are the ten most viewed articles on The Basement Geographer for 2010:

1. Draceana cinnabari: The Socotra Dragon Tree

2. Varosha, Forever Trapped in 1974

3. Lake Vostok: How One of the Largest Lakes on Earth Exists Under Ice

4. Road of Bones: The Kolyma Highway

5. Flooding the Qattara Depression

6. Glacial Erratics

7. Muhammad al-Idrisi and the Tabula Rogeriana

8. The Graffiti of Pompeii

9. The Short Life of Six Flags New Orleans

10. The N.F.-Board and the ‘Other’ World Cup: Gaining National Legitimacy via Sport

And here are ten others worth a peek:

Semi-Abandoned Prairie Town or Detroit?

Cândido Godói – Terra dos Gêmeos (Land of Twins)

‘There’s Nothing in the World Like Action Park’: The Best/Worst Theme Park in History

Grise Fiord & Resolute: The Legacy of High Arctic Relocation

Naypyidaw: The World Capital You Can’t Really See

Vatican City and the Holy See: Not the Same

A Jewish Homeland in Eastern Asia?

Kitsault, British Columbia: The Instant Ghost Town

Norilsk: The World’s Most Northerly (and Most Polluted) City

There’s No One Way to Number a House: House Numbering Around the World

I’ll be trying to keep up the same pace in 2011 (four entries a week: two early Monday morning and two late Thursday Pacific time).Thanks again for visiting, and all the best in 2011.

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