New Astrodome Imagery and Something Sad I Saw on Television


Have you been wondering over the past decade exactly what’s happened to the world’s first multi-purposed domed stadium? These are some stunning images of Houston, Texas’ Astrodome taken ten years after the 62 000 seat structure was abandoned. The famed Astroturf field remains in place – kind of.

I don’t watch a lot of daytime television (you know, the whole ‘work’ thing), so I tend to be thankful for days where I do get to kick back and turn my brain off for an hour or two in front of the screen during what would normally be my workday. I wasn’t so thankful earlier this week when I turned on the US version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (the average Canadian cable/satellite television package includes dozens of US channels in addition to large amounts of US programming on the Canadian channels) and saw the contestant’s response to this question:

Which of these US states can you not drive through to get to Canada?
A. Michigan B. New Hampshire C. Wisconsin D. Idaho

Now, anyone with basic knowledge of a US map should be able to answer this fairly easily, especially when they are on a US game show, but this contestant didn’t. Fine, whatever. What really made this sad, however, was when the contestant turned to this audience for assistance and a whopping fifty-six percent of the audience voted for New Hampshire. The correct answer, Wisconsin, received just sixteen percent – a rather woeful indictment of the audience’s geographic knowledge. Naturally, the contestant went with the audience and paid the price by losing the game.

After seeing that I turned the television off and went back to the office. I was rather sad at television; almost as sad as when I still have to remind my mother after 13 years that there is indeed a Canadian territory called Nunavut.

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