Welcome Back!

Welcome to the all new Basement Geographer! New look, same erratic content.

Coming into 2013, two things were long overdue: me taking a break from the site, and the site itself needing to be a standalone entity rather than just a Blogger account. The break didn’t last long –  I quickly realised that I missed writing for this website. I just like exploring too much, whether it’s in person or in front of a computer. I could move onto other web projects (which I very nearly did), but they probably wouldn’t be nearly as satisfying. By the middle of March, I was already hypothesising what I wanted a new TBG to look like. Thankfully, my friend Stefan Klopp at Kloppmagic Design was able to put it all together, and the result is the much cleaner design you see before you.


So, now that you’re back, let’s look at some of the new features of the site:

-You’ve got multiple ways to browse for articles now. You can click ‘Browse’ on the menu bar and look for posts by category, location (broken down by continent into countries/territories), or tag. You can employ the revamped Locator Map and zoom into a particular post on a world map. And of course, you’ve got the search box up in the top right corner and you can always jaunt down to the bottom of the page and click through the archives manually.

-When you click on a post, even more features pop up. In the sidebar, we’ve added a mini-locator map to show the location of the post, a widget for Recent & Popular articles, and a Related Articles list. At the bottom of each article is a Nearby Articles widget to help you find the posts located geographically closest to the one you just read.


The front page is broken up into sections like so:

-Featured Articles: You probably noticed this feature first here at the top of the page – three recent articles I’ve decided to highlight.

-Recent Articles: The ten most recent posts on the site, regardless of category (if you’re visiting the site during the first week of June 2013, you’ll notice a disproportionate amount of Google Sightseeing posts; those are the articles that got posted during the three-month site hiatus).

-Basement Blog: A place for the more informal entries.

-TBG @ GSS: A place to highlight the latest TBG articles over at Google Sightseeing.

-From the Archives: There are over 520 articles here, so you may have missed one over the years. Here’s a chance to explore one at random.


We hope you like the new look (and the URL’s going to be a lot easier to remember, for certain). As I’ve always said, perhaps not every post is for you, but you’ll definitely find something you like here. We’ve got three new articles posted today, and the update schedule will be once or twice a week as on the previous site. If you subscribe to the RSS feed, don’t forget to update your links. Thanks for all of your support over the years, and thanks for coming back! Now, it’s time for me to start writing again…

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