Activities at Night during Camping

The Best Nighttime Activities for Camping

One of the most powerful aspects of the call of the wild is the incredible sights that await us. Unfortunately, we aren’t really able to enjoy the beautiful vistas of the world when the night inevitably comes. Even stargazing can get blocked by a few clouds or some fog. So, how do you stave off cabin fever before you can fall asleep? We have a few great nighttime activities for camping you can plan to do for your next trip! We never want any of our readers feeling bored or restless in the great outdoors.


Games – More Than You Thought Was Possible

If you’re not connected to the indie board-and-tabletop scene, you’ll likely be floored by just how many incredible new games exist. Board games and card games are traditional camping fare, but we can only play so many games of Go Fish or Uno before we’ve had enough. There are hundreds of inventive, easy-to-transport, and incredibly fun games on the market, and they serve as fantastic nighttime activities for camping, especially if you’re the type that loves a new challenge. While board games usually won’t keep you entertained while solo-camping, you’d be amazed by just how much fun you can have with new-era board games with your campmates.


Pre-Downloaded Music

While some like to keep digital indulgence to a minimum while enjoying fresh air, music tends to transcend the digital. Our phones and tablets are incredible tools for helping us keep our inspirational tunes at our fingertips, no matter where we are. While many music services have moved to subscription-based streaming services, many of them also have an offline option. With just a little bit of planning, you can have a playlist with thousands of songs ready to go without any need for cellular data or wi-fi.

If you’re going to be on the trail for a long time, you can make stops at lodges, restaurants, or rest stops with Wi-Fi available to update or supplement your playlist. Having the music that inspires you on hand means being able to relax to beautiful music and the sounds of nature or celebrate the wilds together with high-energy tunes as you prepare for the next day of camping.


Old-School Meets Modern

Nightime activities for camping are as old as camping itself, and one of those includes the fun and thrill of classic skill-based card games like poker. If it seems like mountain towns are commonly the ideal location for casinos and the like, it’s because hikers, mountain climbers, and trailblazers love a challenge and love fun. The modern era has made the fun of casino games more available than ever, in fact, thousands of casino games can be played by on any online casino via mobile apps available in app stores. Once you have downloaded one of these apps, you can then easily kick back by the fire and play some games with your friends. Sometimes, the digital and the natural blend nicer than we ever thought possible!