Useful Resources

Almost Fearless Backpackers is one magazine that also shares a lot of useful links to the people whereas they can benefit a lot of information from great tips and safety precaution advice. Check it out right here with us and learn from it.

International Camping Fellowship –

It is the institution that brings the world closer to all the people who love camping. It is an organization that shares and spread the news about the activities across the world. It started out in the year 1987 and since it was founded, its vision to create better camping experience has been a blast.

American Hiking Society –

It was way back 1976 when the institution was established to voice out the rights of every hiker. The organization is also a great advocate for the environment. It is to promote that hiking is not just for fun, but there is more to it that can help the nature.

International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation –

It provides the safety tips needed if you want to climb the highest elevations on earth. It promotes the benefits of it, but at the same time, it ensures a safe and great experience for the Mountaineers.

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