3 Easiest Mountain To Climb If You Are A New Mountaineer

If you are someone who wants to succeed in the world of mountaineering, you need to start with the basics. All mountaineers did not just pop out to be an experienced climber in an instant. All excellent mountain climbers started from the bottom. If you are new to this kind of adventure, start with the easiest mountain to climb. Do not ever think that you are a superhero that you can take on Mount Everest in your first stint. Here are the easiest mountains to climb which are perfect for beginners.

1. Mount Fuji


It is the top favorite for newbies in climbing mountains. It’s located in Japan, and you can take on the Kawaguchiko route to prepare yourself with stamina factor. Its peak is around 3,780 m above ground. The trails are all well-established so that you wouldn’t need much of the technical experience. If you want to try out Mount Fuji, make sure you will test the waters around July 1st to August 3rd.

2. Pikes Peak


It is located in the United States with a height of a little more than 4,300 meters above the plains. Since it has gained a lot of popularity, it is also one of the mountains which have good trails set up for the Mountaineers. You’d be able to see a lot of tourists as well, and it’s not impossible to hitch a ride if you feel too tired hiking back home.

3. Tofana Di Rozes


It has a height of around 3,220 meters which is located in Italy. It is the third easiest mountain to climb for beginners. The trails are already established, and it will just take around five hours to be able to hike to the highest peak of the mountain.

You better choose the right mountain if it is your first time to indulge in such activity. It is for your safety so you can get used to the kind of thrill mountain climbing can bring you.

4 Great Tips If You Want To Climb A Mountain

Mountain climbing is an adventure that a lot of people want to try, but not all can do so. There is imminent danger, and it is pretty tiring. Most people can start it but cede half way through. Here are some great tips if you want to be able to climb a mountain that you have to take note.

1. Pick the right mountain


By thinking that you have to climb a high mountain, it will already send shivers down your spine, but it is a worth it experience. The first thing that you have to think of is which mountain you would climb. It is essential to choose base on the kind of experience you have. For beginners, it is just right to pick the easiest mountain path.

2. Get help and give some too


If you want to succeed and reach the peak of the mountain, lending a hand and getting one in return is essential. You can’t help but feel tired on your way up so using all resources and asking help is not a bad thing. The purpose of it is for all of you to reach the top.

3. Train yourself


You cannot just decide that you want to climb a mountain today and go for it the next day. You need to train yourself and be prepared because it could be one of the most tiring experiences of your life. You need to be fit to be able to get through.

4. Pacing


Pacing is important if you want to be able to reach the peak of the mountain. You cannot just go in there and climb in a fast pace all the time. It is important that you pace yourself and know when to take breaks. Your body is not a machine that can just go full throttle all the time.

If you want to succeed in this kind of adventure, better be prepared physically and mentally as well.