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Top Picks for the Best Hiking Gear: From Women’s Hiking Pants to Hiking Boots

Hiking is more popular than ever before, with millions of people worldwide setting out to rediscover the beauty of nature with their own two eyes. Innovators, manufacturers, and sellers of hiking products haven’t been asleep on the rising trends, either, meaning that aspiring and veteran hikers both can enjoy a plethora of new tools to bring their hiking experience to the summit. Whether you’re looking for comfortable women’s hiking pants or a brand new, spill-proof water, you need to know what the best is. So, with hiker’s needs in mind, we’ve put together a list highlighting some of the best hiking gear out there.


L. L. Bean Backpacks

L. L. Bean is one of the most well-recognized names in outdoor equipment. In addition to decades worth of stellar reviews, their items all come with lifetime guarantees. That’s right, if you have an issue with your L. L. Bean item, they’ll ensure it gets taken care of, on them. That policy extends to their backpacks, which are frankly miraculous.

Not only do they have a ton of space within, they have multiple ways to organize your stuff. They even have a convenient holder for smartphones within the pack. The smartphone pouch lets you pop your smartphone somewhere safe while allowing you to thread your headphones through a water-resistant hole that, while the backpack is on your back, will be located the perfect distance from your ears so you don’t have obnoxious cables to think about.


The North Face Women’s Hiking Pants

Let’s face it: hiking gear hasn’t always meshed well with everyday fashion. Thankfully, that’s not the case anymore. The North Face brand now offers an incredible selection of women’s hiking pants that are durable, warm, breathable, and fashionable. There really isn’t a reason to dress like Lewis and Clark anymore, especially when you can get comfortable clothing that you don’t have to box up when you’re not going hiking.


Colombia’s Newton Ridge Plus Line of Women’s Hiking Boots

Multiple colors, waterproof, well-treaded, and durable, the Newton Ridge Plus line of boots by longtime hiking supplier Columbia is not to be missed. These women’s hiking boots aren’t playing around. They’re designed with a stunning number of features, have been widely praised, and are set at a completely reasonable price point, beating out a lot of the competition. They’re perfect for newcomers to hiking and seasoned trailblazers alike.


SEOULSTORY7 Women’s Hiking Crew Socks

These trail socks are simply fantastic. With supportive elastic design, 77% cotton construction, and breathable weaving, SEOULSTORY7 has really outdone themselves when it comes to comfortable socks. What really makes these socks stand out among other options is that they’re specifically designed for use by athletes but aren’t lacking in the appearance department. Many athletic socks, especially trail socks, only come in a handful of colors (usually white, black, or brown.) These year-round socks feature the entire rainbow, meaning you don’t have to give up cute socks to enjoy the great outdoors!